In the recent past, many commercial buildings have been constructed using private owners’ capital. Bridge loans are not a new thing as it has been there since
time in memorial. Many towns have seen the rise in commercial buildings thanks to private owners’ capital. The following are some of the commercial
buildings which have been constructed using bridge loans. Several studies have indicated that hard money works well for Retail store, e-Store, and construction of Mini Malls.

1. Retail Store

Individuals who are interested in building retail stores should not worry anymore. These people should not be wary of their past shaking lending practices and
regulations they may have encountered. Unlike banks, hard money lenders such as Veristone are eager to fund retail stores. A good example of a retail store
which has been constructed using hard capital is the Wal-Mart Retail Store.

a) Wal-Mart Retail Store

Aztec Group Inc. on 28th March 2018 announced that they have rolled out a plan to give Wal-Mart Retail Stores $80.5 million construction loans to built
pavilion at Durbin Park. This company approached City National Bank of Florida on behalf of project developers and requested a loan which is supposed to be
paid on a three-year floating rate. The pavilion building will be the first phase of Durbin Park but it is expected that the development project will eventually
include 2 million square feet of retail, 2 million square feet of office space, multifamily units and a hotel. There is little information on the monthly income the
owner is likely to receive and the purchase price.
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b) Proposed Construction of Rosewood Hotel in Uptown District of Houston

McNair Interests, a private and investment management company founded by Bob McNair recently revealed plans to transform a vacant six-acre site in Uptown
District. The price tag of this development has not been disclosed but Houston Business Journal recently estimated the cost to be around $500 million.
This proposed development will feature luxurious residences, chef-driven dining halls, high-end retailers, multifamily tower, green space and structured
This proposed hotel (Rosewood Hotels &Resorts) will offer one hundred and fifty hotel rooms and 80 upscale residences upon its completion. According to this
private developer, their main aim is to ensure that Rosewood residents get one of the nearest and best recreational urban retreats in the heart of Houston. Even
though, there is little information on the financiers of this property, it is said that all the construction expenses is going to come from private money. To be
precise, most of the capital is going to be obtained from institutions which provide hard money. There is little or no information on the amount of income which
the owner is likely to get every month. Purchase price has also not been revealed.
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c) Construction of Marijuana Warehouses

In United States of America, there has been contradiction between federal laws and state laws something which has make it hard for investors who want to built
marijuana renting houses obtain financing. However, Montegra, a private company has given these tenants something to smile about. Today, Montegra
underwrites hard money loans to borrowers provided that such a person is the owner of the building. Most banks have struggled to finance once-illegal
marijuana warehouses. However, private developers such as Wells Fargo have been giving loans for commercial purposes. A good example is ACS Company
which builds an 8000-square-foot custom greenhouse in Colorado. Another company providing hard money is A to Z Capital Company which has proven to be
one of the stop shop lenders for Real Estate Investors. This company provides hard capital from as little as fifty thousand to twenty five million US dollars.
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d) Alibaba Group

Alibaba group of is another e-commerce company which has benefited a lot from private money. Jack Ma the founder of this company has been quoted saying
he looked for borrowing from banks but he was unsuccessful. This prompted him to look out for private sectors borrowers who were willing to team up with
him and this is how this company came to be what it is today. This company has been developed to a global company by use of private money.
A bridge loan has been considered as one of the real estate- financing vehicles. Any person interested in real estate development would find this type of
investment capital is important. Bridge loans have the name suggest cannot be used as a permanent loan to finance bigger projects. This type of loan varies from
three months to five years. Most of the bridge loans have floating interest rates and they are indexed to the London Interbank Offered Rate Index (LIBOR).
a) Office Building

Recently, bridge loan has been used to purchase and subsequently transform an office building into luxury residential condominiums. The total cost involved in
the whole transaction amounted to $20 million inclusive of both closing and rehabilitation expenses. The bridge loan used in the conversion of this transaction
included $15 million of required capital and $4 million for the boutique.
b) Acquisition Of Apartments, Office Buildings, Retail, Hospitality, Land And Industrial Buildings
Borrowers of bridge loans can use them to acquire almost every kind of property. Many US citizens have used bridge loans to acquire buildings of their own
c) Student Renters
One of the companies which give bridge loan is Multifamily a private company. This company is known for the different type of loans. However, many
investors have found it more suitable in giving funds for construction of student renters. It gives capital for construction undergraduate renters and other types
of students’ houses. For those who may have interest in reaching out to this company to apply for bridge loan can visit them at 350 Lincoln Road, 2nd Floor
Miami Beach, and FL33139.
d) Property Transitions

Bridge loan is mostly used to acquire vacant and potential vacant property. This type of money can also be used to acquire lease properties. If there is someone
who wants to acquire land on lease, then this type of loan is one of the best options such a person may seek for financial assistance from.
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Other Commercial Property Which Has Been Built Using Bridge Loan Financing


This is one of the commercial real estate’s which occupies Domain Tower. It is actually one of the newest office buildings under construction at Domain. The
construction of this building is done by Stonelake Capital Partners. The construction of this building has been done using bridge loans. This means that the
general public money has not been put into consideration of the whole building.

b) Gas Stations

There are several gas stations in the USA alone which has been constructed using private money.

I. Circle K

Circle gas stations are located in more than 20 different states in North America. This gas station offers a lucrative business opportunity for investors.
The initial investment capital ranges from $211,450-$1601500 as well as franchise fees of $25000. Purchase cost has not
been included.


Located in California State since 1978 but have suddenly grown and now boast hundreds of combination of gas stations throughout the United States.
The initial investment has been estimated to be around $ 7807883. The purchase cost has not been included in the article which was used.

III. LUKOIL Franchise Gas Station

The initial investment capital on this gas station has not been indicated.

IV. Street Corner Gas Station

This gas station was set up in 1988 but has spread to other parts of the country. The initial investment was around $1479800.

c) Strip Malls

One of the famous strip malls in the USA is the Fairfax Circle Plaza shopping center which is located in suburban Washington D.C. in the recent years, most of
these strip malls have been on the decline and therefore there is little information known about their purchase price and the initial investment capital.

d) Restaurants

This restaurant was founded in 1993. This restaurant has gained a lot of popularity among the US citizens as evidenced by the sales realized. This restaurant’s
legendary menus and services have made it draw an average of 5000 guests every week. Interested buyers can claim this asset at $2.14 billion.
This restaurant began in 1982 to cater for the stranded motorist in Atlanta, Florida who used to wonder looking for something to eat. The initial capital
investment is not within the public domain but it is estimated that if someone may want to purchase it, such a person is likely to part ways with around $1.57

e) Hotels

The United States of America boost several best hotels in the world. The following are just but a few which have been randomly selected. Most of these hotels
have been developed using bridge loans or private developers.
This villa is located in Florida. There is little information on when it was built but if someone may want to visit this hotel, such a person is required to do the
bookings at a price of $25.654. Many customers have given this hotel a high rating based on the quality services they have been treated to whenever they visit
this hotel. The initial investment was not clearly indicated in the peer-reviewed article but the sale price is estimated to be more than 100 billion.
Many people who have visited this hotel have praised it for being spacious and very comfortable. Interested visitors pay a booking fee of $19.66. Additionally,
this hotel has been praised to be having fabulous meeting space, cordial staffs that are much friendly and ready to treat customers kindly. The initial cost is not
clearly indicated but if someone was to purchase this hotel, such a person who has to part ways with more than $200 billion.
Even though there are many beautiful resorts on the islands of Maui, Four Season trumps them all. It is believed that this hotel was
constructed using bridge loans. However, there is little to be said on its initial investment cost as well as the current market price.

There are several reasons why an individual may find it hard to access loans. The following are just but a few

reasons why it is hard to get loans.

1. Many companies fear startups

A substantial number of commercial banks fears giving private developers funds especially when the proposed project is a startup. Most of these banks only
give funds to companies which have been in operation for some years.

2. Not Enough Collateral

Most banking companies will only issue loans to private developers only when there is Small Business Administration (SBA) is attractive. Some people have
also cited various reasons such as commercial banks only give loans to those who have securities. In some instances, for one to get a house loan, they are
supposed to attach a security against the loan. Actually, many banks have a lot of
requirements which must be met for one to get a loan.

3. Credit Score

Before any bank gives out a loan, the first thing they are likely to look at is the credit score of the person applying for the loan. Individuals who may have
defaulted before are always locked out from accessing loans. Therefore, for one to easily get capital, such a person should have a good credit rating.

4. Purpose of Loan Is Not Aligned With The Loan Applied for

It is very hard to get loan especially when the purpose of the needed loan is not clear. Many companies will always want to know the purpose of the loan they
are giving out to their customers. Thus, if someone wants to get additionally finance from any institution, such a person should ensure that the purpose of the
loan is clearly indicated.