As the owner of a commercial property, bad credit does not have to be a barrier to improving your financial situation. It is possible for you to refinance the commercial property with bad credit. We are a source of financing where it’s possible to get a commercial loan even if your credit history has some dings on it. All you have to do is take our free credit assessment to help provide us with a clearer picture of your credit problems. We can then show you ways you can work around them. We may even be able to consolidate the business debts you have into a refinanced mortgage.

Specialized Commercial Lender

We are a specialized commercial lender. We will look at your credit file, assess the merits of your business and help you focus on creating a brighter future. We are not bound by the rigid guidelines of many financial institutions. We have our own criteria for deciding if a business owner deserves help to refinance their commercial property regardless of if they have bad credit. We have many programs that allow business owners with bad credit to borrow as much as 75% of the purchase price of a commercial property.

We Look Beyond Your Bad Credit

While most banks won’t refinance commercial property for people with bad credit, we look beyond just your credit. We also consider arrears, evidence of reduced income, purchases and investments as well. We understand how all these factors can put dings on your credit and make it look bad. We look at the big picture and our mortgage brokers have solutions available that can help you to refinance your commercial property and get the fresh start you need regardless of your bad credit. We understand bad things can happen to good people and can help you get the refinancing you need.

Refinancing Low Doc Loans With Bad Credit

Even if you have bad credit and have a low doc commercial loan, we may be able to help. All you have to do is meet with us and we will take a close look at your situation and tell you what options we can offer you. We have a number of creative refinancing options for people with bad credit with different types of commercial loans. One or more of them may be right for you. Your credit does not have to be perfect for us to work with you. We will consider how your situation has improved and look at your exit strategy and connect you to a lender who can help refinance your commercial loan through an asset lend or one of our many other options.

The Black Marks On Your Credit

We will take a look at the black marks on your credit that have given you a bad rating and show you how we can help. We have been able to refinance commercial property for people with bad credit in all types of business situations. We have worked with people with the following issues:

No matter what type of black marks are on your credit, we may be able to refinance your commercial property. But you have to take the first step and give us a call. We will schedule a meeting where we can get the details of your credit situation and show you some refinancing options for which you may qualify even if you have bad credit.

Not As Bad As You Think

Often people’s fears about the condition of their credit is worse than the reality. Our experts will look at your credit file and see what negative entries are present. Some negative credit issues do not show up on people’s files. Some of those issues include:

  1. Commercial Loans In Arrears
  2. Loan Not Paid Off A End Of Term
  3. Breaching Business Loan Terms
  4. Past Issues With A Bank
  5. Overdrawn Business Bank Account
We have access to Lending  sources that can handle most situations that can help people refinance their commercial property with these  types of issues.

Business Disputes

One of the most common reasons business people get bad credit histories is due to disputes with business partners or major suppliers. If the dispute isn’t quickly resolved, business owners may be advised by legal council to withhold payment to the supplier. This can result in a default being placed on their credit report. We can show you how to provide evidence of your financial capacity to pay said disputed invoice and help you get your commercial property refinanced. But you have to contact us as soon as possible so we can begin the process.

Refinancing Commercial Property

Whether your loan is in arrears or you have reduced income or bad credit, business loans, debt consolidation, refinancing tax debt and equity releases are all considered as options for helping you refinance your commercial property. A black mark on your credit may indicate a one-off event that’s since been addressed. This will not prevent you from refinancing your commercial property with the sources of financing that we use. Once you display the capacity to repay the loan going forward, we can help you refinance commercial property with bad credit.

Loans From Private Lenders

Some mortgage brokers get commercial customers expensive short-term loans from private lenders. These loans should only be considered as a last resort. They put customers with bad credit into these loans because they lack access to specialized lenders. We work with many specialized lenders and can refinance your commercial property and get you out of those high-interest private loans even if you have bad credit. We focus on your ability to afford to make the payments.

Types Of Commercial Properties We Refinance

We help business owners with bad credit finance a wide range of commercial properties. Some of the types of commercial properties we refinance include:

  1. Standard Commercial Property
  2. Factories
  3. Offices
  4. Restaurants
  5. Retail Premises
  6. High-Quality Rural Properties
  7. Warehouses

People with bad credit who own gas stations, child care centers, pubs and other types of non-standard properties have also come to us for help getting refinanced. While these commercial properties have large fluctuations in value, we have even helped people with bad credit get these types of properties get refinanced as well.

Help For Small Businesses

Small business owners often have a difficult time getting their commercial properties refinanced even with good credit. Many small business owners with bad credit think finding a company to help them refinance their commercial property is impossible. Nothing is further from the truth. We have access to funding sources that are glad for the opportunity to help small business owners with credit issues refinance their commercial property. That can make the difference between success and failure for a small business. And we can help. If you are a small business owner with bad credit and you need help with refinancing, call us today.

Bad credit doesn’t have to doom your business to failure. We have sources of financing that can help. If you’re looking for viable solutions to the challenging issues related to trying to refinance the commercial property with bad credit, we are the only company you need to call. Our specialist commercial lenders have helped countless people with bad credit refinance their commercial properties. We don’t judge you on mistakes you made in the past. We look at your present and help your prepare to succeed in the future with our bad credit refinancing services.

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